Bizerba SC II 800 Automessenger screen error

  • hello everyone,

    sorry I don't speak german but it seems this is the only forum where I can get help.

    I've bought a second hand Bizerba SC II 800 and when I start it up, it just give this message ( image attached below ) and just stays there.

    what shold I do ?

    thanks a lot


  • Did you buy it on ebay from a farm shop in Harrogate.

    If so to begin with; why not ask them how to get the scale to weighing mode after it boots up with the present message.
    With these scales you can program the display to show a fixed message and also a constantly moving message. It could just be that is what you are seeing.
    Have you tried to press the enter key ( bent arrow key ) after you see this message. Or try weighing something to see what happens.

    With these scales as an extra cost you can buy the Bizerba windows based software maybe this has been installed by the previous owner.
    I can see no reason why the previous owner would not be willing to help you.

  • Thank you for your reply, I live in Belgium Brussels and unfortunately I don't have the contact informations of the previous owner .
    I've tried pressing the enter key and a lot of other keys but no reaction ( btw I don't hear any bip when I press the buttons). I tried weighing too but nothing.

    I removed the battery from the motherboard in attempt to make it forget the settings but it didn't work. I found an SD card attached to the motherboard, I pluged it to mu pc and I found some system files, nothing special.

    I don't know what else to do !

  • When you told me that when you press the keys and do not hear a bleep that should be ignored because the bleep can be turned on or off in the menu!!
    I looked up what the message could mean and this is what I found!!!

    I checked the I.P. address and it explained that this is a common IP address for a modem.

    Then I looked up the host in relation to your scale.

    It seems quite likely that this scale may have the Bizerba Windows CWS operating system installed.

    This Bizerba windows CWS operating system enables you to communicate with the scale via a modem.

    It enables you to create a label on a computer and send it to the scale and also produce audit and management reports.

    It may be possible that inside your scale there will be labels that have been created already; each one having a PLU NUMBER.



  • I tried what you said but it didn't work, I also tried many other combinations but nothing. normally, these scales have a reset combination key ( at least Mettler Toledo), I searched everywhere on the web but there's very little documentation.

    I will try to plug it to my pc with an ethernet cable and go to that ip address, if you have the software that will be terrific!



  • What I said was your scale may well have the Bizerba WindowsCWS operating system installed in your scale.
    I did not say that I had the Bizerba WindowsCWS operating system.

    The other point I wish to make is this: it is irrelevant that your scale may or may not have the Bizerba WindowsCWS operating system installed in your scale.
    It all comes down to a situation that you will have to find your own physical way of getting into the scale if it is to be worth anything or be functioning weighing foods in a delicattesen shop.
    From experience it takes a lot of trying and patience: you will not find a instant solution unless you ring bizerba to come and then you will have to pay money.
    What I would also do is go round your city and find someone who has a scale like yours and these people should have the Bizerba WindowsCWS operating system installed in their scale too
    then you may ask them how to get the scale to work in their shop as a weighing and printing machine.
    There is no quick fix; even if you had the operating instruction book it would be totally of no use to you.

    Be patient!!!

  • unfortunately, the combinations you proposed did nothing, the scale doesn't react at all.

    I'll continue to search for a solution though. maybe if I can find where the settings are stored on the motherboard, I can short circuit it just to make it forget (like a pc bios) but I'm not sure if it's possible.

    thank you very much for your help :)

  • Have a look at this!!!…erba_wincws.pdf · PDF file

    When you find the answer to your problem please let us know what you did to solve it.

    Just saying that maybe the answer could be a sequence of a set of the numbers that is contained in the start up display. Could the answer be staring you in the face as it were???

    - - - Aktualisiert - - -…erba_wincws.pdf · PDF file

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  • I've checked the pdf and I see what's the wincws means now, thanks.

    of course the moment I find a solution I will post it here.

    maybe the answer is very simple bu due to a lack of documentation, it looks very hard.

  • Hi nemovich,

    In England when a person publishes a book; by our laws this person must give away free six copies to a library. I do not know if this is the same in Europe but it is just a though.
    Also maybe try pressing the star button.
    Also reading up on the wincws when that system is used there; it is used with a special bizerba keyboard that makes special functions too.
    The other thing about the bizerba operating system is it is a windowsCE This is windows embedded and can only be accessed through an imbedded windows system.
    xbox and modems run on these imbedded windows system.

  • yeah I'll try looking in some libraries but it's a pretty old model so my chances are not that great

    I pluged it to an ethernet port on my pc and tried to go to that ip address, the led on the motherboard start to blink when I hit enter, but nothing come in the browser ( tried many browsers).

    I've go ahead and extracted the files on the SD card attached to the motherboard, maybe it'll come in handy to someone in the future.!RkUGFI5b!Oxv…lwGqRQOakBCVLmw

  • Have you tried removing the SD Card then after doing that just switch the scale on. It may then default to the basic program!!!

    Do you have an Hotmail or Outlook email address.

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